We are a think tank made up of political influencers, journalists, law enforcement, citizens, beauracrats, and elected government officials.

Private organization – NOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC (July 5th, 2018) We were formed in 2016 officially under the name Sons of Liberty Party and in 2017 re-formed under the name California Republican Caucus. In 2018, we merged with the National Committee for Games Policy to become the National Committee for Government Policy (NCGP). We have thousands of members and supporters worldwide that support our efforts, although our primary operations are based in the United States.

To become a member, one can simply join as a supporter on our official facebook group. The leadership of the NCGP is made anonymous, as we have learned from our past experience that there is too much public pressure on revealing our identities as we become targets for harassment and undue influence. Although it is up for debate, we wield significant political sway as an organization at the local, state, national, and even international levels. For all inquiries, contact the group admins or director.

This website is for general information and announcements from the steering committee. For all discussion, please visit our official facebook group.

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