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Hello there!

My name is.. Aurelius.

I am the keeper of Crimson’s digital bases and internet based technologies.

Right now we’re loading you into some state of the art technology, or armor as you call it, which will allow you to access our main systems.

If you’re on your phone or sitting at a computer, listen with your earbuds or headphones off for a second as you read this…

Did you hear a noise just now? Or a slight whisper in the air?

Hehe. Now you know the armor is on and working properly.

And now you know.. we are real.

Aurelius: Now that you’ve been outfitted with our special cosmic armor, you should be able to receive our transmitted messages.

Aurelius: Did you already receive your weaponry? Nice! Okay.. here are your targets.

These are called “Extradimensional Realmers“. They are beings that live in another dimension, on a plane that intersects with our mortal plane here on Earth. In other words… they’re demons, monsters, and spirits. Now this is them in their pure physical form, but they’re not able to fully materialize in our world. You would have approximately 5% to 10% visibility if you manage to spot them when they’re moving or waiting still. The cosmic armored layer that we put on you earlier will let you see them when they make a “jump”. A jump is when they attempt to physically touch you or your nearby surrounding environment. That’s your cue to strike.

Hit them hard kid. Hit them hard and fast. They usually retreat after taking a single blow, but keep an eye out for them. They tend to come back for the hunt. Be first…

Tab 2 content

You’re now being assigned to a legion in the Principality of Crimson.

Aurelius: Within the next 24 hours, assuming you don’t go AWOL, you will be receiving contact from another person within your general circles of contact. You know what that means… Lets not be cute here kid.

Aurelius: Share this website with that person if you are unsure of their status. It will not do any harm to them if they are a civilian, as the armor and weapons will not properly attach to their bodies (they don’t hear the sounds you did). They can just go home and forget this war ever happened, because they’re living in one less dimension than you and I are living in. Sorry sons of b****es!

Aurelius: If you need support from Crimson’s upper command structures, find us on social media kid. Our officers are scattered… because of the war and what it’s done to our great peoples… but they’re around… The remnants and resistance will live on! We will always fight! Never surrender, and never let them take your cosmic armor or dimensional blades! The pain from the separation with your cellular membranes could send your body into shock!

Aurelius: And be on the lookout for guys like that over there on the right…

Who are those guys?

Crimson, kid. Crimson.

Attaching dimensional blades to left and right hands.. You should hear a slight rumble or rustle as you read through this text here. It might be a whisper if you have particularly unique hand vein patterns.

Damage: 1.5 joules per second
Range: 6 to 9 inches from fingertips
Recharge: 2 seconds inbetween strikes

Targets: Extradimensional realmers, plane shifters, some humans with light armor.

Member’s Area: Click to enter our airship and enjoy the luxuries.. All aboard!